(n) a person who prefers to explore the great indoors, an introvert.

How do you spend weekends with  your friends?  Watching Movies? Going to the mall? Group studying? Hahaha well, aren’t you tired of going to the mall and chilling at the same old place? And of course the traffic! Horror! Hahahaah.

 Why don’t you grab your phone and ask your friends to come over. Buy some drinks and chips hahahaah !

 Lucky for us we went swimming and had a chance to bond with some of our four legged friends. And The best part about indoor chilling?   Real talks! I mean you can have some serious talks with your friends in short “quality time” hahaha sounds cheeeeeezzzzyyy but you have to build good relationship with your friends so that it will last a lifetime 🙂 duh! Haha
 My weekend squad ! Hahaha

Shoutout to my friend Jessie jay for letting us chill at her lovely mansion. Follow her on Instagram (just click her name)

Check out my twitter/instagram @yusakututhiya


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