One piece 


(N) sleeveless one piece worn usually with a blouse.

•jacket worn by workmen,

•child’s coverall


           When I saw someone wearing jumper I automatically remember my childhood! Hahaha I used to wear a lot of this stuff .

My jumper is from Forever21 actually it’s a pants but I decided to cut it because I think it will look better looking like this! Hahaha it gives me this “childish feels.” Moving on I decided to wear a black shirt so that it won’t look too preppy.

           And I paired it with a Wing Toe Boots from Tomato to have that Grunge drama because I always dress between Grunge&preppy to look “mature but not too mature” hahaha do you get what I mean ?

Well this is one of my shameless photo wearing a jumper and it has animal prints on it hahahaah !

Feel free to comment below your childhood style hahaha !

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