A Little Grunge


Been inspired with this look since i can remember! You can never go wrong with basic and neutral colors. Long Tees has been the newest street style trend for men. Artists like Chris Brown, Drake, Tyga and many other more are killing it, it somehow look like Kanye’s collection. I am really feeling this look, since it has a little touch of contemporary and of course a little Grunge. 


actually the style is pretty much very basic, this look is very dramatic since it has the touch of a little “contemporary feels” just look at the length of the clothes and textures. To know more about this look check out Sergiu Mihai Jurca he has been killing this look in fact he has his own clothing line and you guys must check it out it’s WWW.SMJSTYLE.COM  though it is not based in the Philippines but still you can order online. Forever 21, Penshoppe, oxygen, Bershka are some of my favorite shops that are selling awesome long tees.

more about this look at @sergiujurca (instagram)



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